About Us

The Rare Earth Technology Alliance, or RETA, is an international organization representing a wide coalition of organizations that produce, use, and study rare earths. RETA is the only rare earth association whose mission is to provide all stakeholders—the media, policymakers, regulators, manufacturers and users of rare earth technologies around the world—with comprehensive, science-based information about rare earths and their associated technologies.

RETA has created the Rare Earth Technology Alliance Information Network, or RETAIN, to provide additional opportunities to those interested in the rare earth industry. RETAIN has been established to provide rare earth professionals or those with an interest in the rare earth industry with information about relevant issues. As a participant of RETAIN, each individual will receive English language news clips pertaining to the rare earth sector via email on business days. In addition, information on issues of interest as identified by RETA may be shared with participants.

The rare earth sector is growing and plays important roles in our daily lives. Rare-earth enabled products and technologies help to fuel global economic growth, maintain high standards or living, and save lives. The estimated size of the rare earth sector is between $10 billion and $15 billion, with 100,000-110,000 tons of rare earth elements currently produced annually around the world.

Participation in RETAIN is open to rare earth professionals or those with an interest in the rare earth industry at an annual fee. >> Learn More